Review Nomad ChargeCard & ChargeKey

Nomad ChargeCard & ChargeKey

Small, lightweight, attractive and very durable.

Nomad’s quest to supply your hand-held devices with juice at all costs is a noble one. Where would we be without our conduits to the world - our phones and tablets? Probably not as monosyllabic at dinner tables but, nevertheless, running out of power is a 21st century fear we’re privileged enough to have. Fear no more though, as Nomad’s ChargeCard and ChargeKey are ultra-portable and incredibly handy USB connectors to keep your techno-lust sated.

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Both products act as USB charging cables for your devices, but the real genius behind it all is the design – the ChargeCard is in the shape of a credit card and the ChargeKey is, well, key-shaped to allow you to carry them around in the hope that while you may be dumb enough to forget your USB cable, you’ll likely remember your wallet and keys. You woolly-minded dolt.

The ChargeKey has two, hard plastic ends to attach to a keyring, while its middle section is made of Stretch Armstrong-a-like, flexible rubber allowing for malleable and forgiving stretching while it rides around in your coat pocket all day. Similarly, the ChargeCard has a tough plastic casing with a rubber foldable USB strip at the centre, designed to fit alongside your most valuable Moostercard or Vasa. Both come with a standard USB connector at one end and a Lightning connector for Apple’s Draconian Connector Club or a microUSB for the rest of the free world.

However, the fixed size of the products to match your keys and cards means connecting to a laptop leaves little room to actually use the device as it charges. Connecting your device to a plug socket with a USB adaptor will leave it dangling in the air, worryingly unstable. While there’s a lot of bend in the rubber portions to allow for some creative balancing and contorting, there’s definitely not enough wiggle room or length to be truly practical.

Given that they’re not standalone chargers themselves, it means you’ll need an external source like a laptop which, presumably, you’ve remembered to bring with you. Nomad’s little slices of convenience don’t come cheap either and, at almost £30 each, you do wonder maybe if it’s better to not be a forgetful bastard instead and just remember your USB cable. Unless you have to stick to the gospel of Apple, in which case Nomad’s options are definitely worthwhile for your bank balance.

Still, these are small, lightweight, attractive and very durable ways to keep yourself powered up if your standard USB cable fails or eludes you. Plus anything that makes life simpler while also making your wallet or keyring look like you’re from the future can only be a good thing, right?

Nomad’s ChargeCard and ChargeKey are available now on Learn more at

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