Parquet Courts & Eagulls clash brilliantly at Latitude 2014

Parquet Courts & Eagulls clash brilliantly at Latitude 2014

The touring buddies may be playing in the same slot, but they’re both brilliant.

Sunday at Latitude saw a ferocious showdown between two of the most exciting bands on the planet right now as Parquet Courts and Eagulls took to the 6 Music Stage and the i Arena respectively.

Having the advantage of getting to play to a larger crowd, Parquet Courts caused moshing and crowd surfing a-plenty, shredding through the best of their newest record Sunbathing Animal with their signature lackadaisical attitude in full effect. 

Of course, when the almighty one-two punch of ‘Master of my Craft’ and ‘Borrowed Time’ things ignite in the strum of a string and the crowd launch into a frenzy of flailing arms and soaring legs. If there’s one thing Parquet Courts have mastered, it’s certainly their craft, and by the end the 6 Music Stage found itself reeling in sweat.

“Can someone tell the other stage to turn it down?” said frontman Andrew Savage, ever the one to want to amp up the volume. “It’s probably the Eagles playing Witchy Woman,” bassist Austin Brown adds jokingly taunting their opponents. Suddenly, things get real.

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Bringing their a-game over at the iArena, Eagulls’ responded by turning up the reverb and embracing their sludgy surroundings. Frontman George Mitchell even told security where to go when security tried to discourage their riotous enthusiasm, mirroring the anarchy Parquet Courts were enjoying. 

Tearing through select cuts from their debut self-titled album, Eagulls’ atmospheric riffage actually ended up contrasting and complimenting Parquet Courts’ urgency, providing everyone in attendance at both stages something to walk away excited by. There’s a reason these two bands toured together - they’re both equally bloody excellent.

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