Update: Eagulls to begin work on new album this December

Eagulls to begin work on new album this December

Leeds band only released their self-titled debut this year.

Portrait: Sarah-Louise Bennett / DIY

Shattering the iArena with their pummelling post-punk at this weekend’s Latitude Festival, Eagulls have confirmed that they’ll be releasing a new full-length in the first half of 2015.

Speaking on site at the festival, the five-piece explained how their recently announced October tour was due to take place in September, but they decided to crack on with writing new material instead. “We’re in the preliminary area this month, since we got back from America really,” drummer Henry Ruddel said. “We’re in-between practice rooms so we haven’t been able to really knuckle down, but we move into our new room in a week or so and this summer is what we’ve dedicated writing it to. We want to record it in December, and hopefully get it out by May. Hopefully before, maybe April.” 

Eagulls stormed the stage with their Letterman-approved rock ‘n roll on Sunday; both Henry and frontman George Mitchell confirming they’d play “all the hits” prior to the show. 

“We’re still in the writing process and we like to get things really polished before we start,” Mitchell responds on whether or not new material would be debuting during the band’s first proper festival circuit this summer. “Hopefully by the October tour though,” Ruddel adds gleefully.

Catch up with ‘Tough Luck’ from Eagulls’ self-titled debut album, out now. 

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