Take a walk: Grouper announces new album, ‘Ruins’

Grouper announces new album, ‘Ruins’

New release brings together songs recorded in between hiking trips in Portugal.

Liz Harris aka Grouper has announced plans to release a new album, ‘Ruins’.

The follow-up to 2013’s ‘The Man Who Died in His Boat’ is due out on 31st October via Kranky. Most of the songs were recorded in 2011, according to the ambient/drone experimentalist. 

Songs were put together in Aljezus, Portugal. “I recorded everything there except the last song, which I did at mother’s house in 2004,” she says in a statement. 

“Iʼm still surprised by what I wound up with. It was the first time Iʼd sat still for a few years; processed a lot of political anger and emotional garbage. Recorded pretty simply, with a portable 4-track, Sony stereo mic and an upright piano. When I wasnʼt recording songs I was hiking several miles to the beach. The path wound through the ruins of several old estates and a small village.”

‘Ruins’ is called a “document” by Grouper. “Living in the remains of love.”

See the tracklist below. 

01 Made of Metal 

02 Clearing 

03 Call Across Rooms 

04 Labyrinth 

05 Lighthouse 

06 Holofernes 

07 Holding 

08 Made of Air

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Grouper announces new album, ‘Ruins’

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