Critic’s choice: Pulled Apart By Horses review September’s biggest singles

Pulled Apart By Horses review September’s biggest singles

PABH’s guitarist James Brown puts on his critic’s cap and compares big songs to cooking situations.

Pulled Apart By Horses’ ‘Blood’ record is one of September’s first and biggest releases. Their major label debut, it’s so bloody impressive we gave the Leeds band the keys to DIY. They’ve everything they could ever ask for in today’s takeover - access to the best new music, some desk space, even tips on how to make the best coffee. In between touring the world, talking through their album track-by-track and facing Upbringing questions, PABH have just about found enough time to listen through to this month’s biggest singles.

Guitarist James Brown has been given the plucky challenge of reviewing September’s most head-turning releases. From Pharrell to Sam Smith, here’s what the rock royalty have to say about these chart-botherers. Brown has a brilliant technique to this reviewing lark - applying every song to a unique cooking situation. It works a trick.

MNEK - Wrote A Song About You

“This guy has a fantastic tower of hair. It’s looming, tall and perfectly constructed, unlike some of the lyrics in this song ‘I wrote a song about you and it went a little something like this; LA, LA, LA, LA, LA” I mean come on pal. The tune is actually pretty pleasant even to my dirty little ears, but its let down by creepy wordage. I’d make a fried breakfast to this song if I was cooking.”

Pharrell - Come Get It Bae

“Oh Mr.Williams sir, you can do good all day long with that wonderful voice. This is the kind of tune I’d play whilst cooking a chilli or maybe making burgers. Definitely works well with beef mincemeat. Whats a bae? Have I missed something recently on twitter? I’m normally pretty good with slang and web chat.”

The Wytches - Burn Out The Bruise

“Call me biased, but The Wytches are one of the best new guitar bands around right now. Loved this tune live when we toured with them. You can actually hear their collective mass of hair on this recording swaying from shoulder to shoulder. I’d almost certainly make sushi to this tune and their new album and make a right shitty mess of it.”

Bondax - All I See

“I went to Ibiza once. Last year in fact. I expected to hear this kind of thing everywhere and become bitter and twisted on holiday. However, I actually quite like this, it feels kind of fresh and ’80s. It’s tuneful and smells juicy for what it is. I’d probably have this on in my kitchen when making breakfast smoothies in the morning. Bondax is also a great word.”

Iggy Azalea - Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora)

“I really like this tune - the production and instrumentation is really minimal which gives it loads of build and space. I was kind of expecting a dubstep drop at some point all the way through this and it didn’t happen. WOW! Who ever that fucking guy is who sat in a studio 5 years ago and went ‘Guys, I’ve got an idea… why don’t we put a dubstep drop in here’ needs filling full of yogurt and throwing in a sea of muesli.”

Jessie Ware - Say You Love Me

“Very comforting and warming voice here, Jessie. If you told me my video game collection had been burnt down to melted plastic and turned into iPhone cases I’d probably be totally fine with that. I’m quite a charitable guy anyway. I give a shit basically. Cooking wise, definitely eggy bread.”

Sam Smith - I’m Not The Only One

“This is a quality tune. Its always nice to hear a new lush male voice and even better that he wasn’t discovered because he auditioned for X-Factor and came 3rd and was forgotten about instantly. Good skills Sam. I’ve enjoyed this so much I’ve just bought it. Relaxing, smooth and endearing talent here. Probably a bowl of cornflakes soon as I’ve come down stairs in the morn’.”

Ella Eyre - Comeback

“I can’t handle that voice. Feels a bit too tryhard and forced. Scratchy chalkboards. Her voice is too effected. I wouldn’t be cooking any food whilst listening to this song, because I’d be too busy being on fire. The explosion towards the end is fucking hilarious though. Sounds like our fake album we put out.”

Pulled Apart By Horses’ new album ‘Blood’ is out now via Red UK. Keep up with the PABH takeover here.

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