Premiere: The Wands unveil free-thinking video for ‘Sound of the Machine’

The Wands unveil free-thinking video for ‘Sound of the Machine’

Danish duo form a cult of their own in a take from their debut album.

Someone’s given The Wands the key to the city and they’ve no intention of giving them back. Fur coats, bare bums, the Danish two piece appear to lead a cult following in their new video for ‘Sound of the Machine’, and given the supreme, glammed-up sound they’re sporting, it’s of little surprise. 

Indebted to previous decades both musically and in spirit, this track appears on the Danes’ debut album ‘The Dawn’, which is due out this Novmeber on Fuzz Club Records. In their new video - premiering on DIY below - the pair of Christian Skibdal and Mads Gräs lead a pack. Anyone’s invited to join them on their supernatural psych quest, but there’s one condition: They need to “follow the sound of the big machine.” 

Beyond the shameless solos and nostalgia-led lack of restraint, there’s a very exciting band making their case pointedly clear in this new video. 

Watch The Wands’ ‘Sound of the Machine’ above. They play London Lexington on 7th November, with ‘The Dawn’ out 3rd November.

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