Premiere: Animal House kick into life with debut single ‘Sour’

Animal House kick into life with debut single ‘Sour’

Australia via Brighton four-piece make an almighty first impression.

The staples linking together to form Animal House’s debut single are blatant, but when they combine, out steps something capable of big things. Dosed up on snappy early-‘00s Strokes and ‘Aha Shake Heartbreak’-era Kings of Leon, the Australia four-piece (now residing in Brighton) don’t hide their inspirations - in fact, they use these clear stepping stones to their advantage.

Debut single ‘Sour’ doesn’t fuck around. Vocals barge straight through the door, whiskey soaked and on the prowl for some smokes, and a rollicking guitar interchange makes for a guarantee basement venue champion, something for sweaty kids to believe in while they jump on the spot and lose their minds. 

‘Sour’ is out 20th October, followed by the band’s first UK tour. Check out dates above the DIY premiere. 


22 Brighton, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

23 Wakefield, Snooty Fox

24 Leeds, Eiger Studio

27 Manchester, Retro bar

28 Sheffield, Dada

29 Bristol, Thunder Bolt

30 Oxford, The Jericho


07 Kingston, The Fighting Cocks

08 London, Stags Head Hoxton

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