Report: DIY Presents Tour 2014 with Flyte and Shy Nature rolls into Reading

DIY Presents Tour 2014 rolls into Reading

Flyte and Shy Nature take to the road for the DIY Presents Tour 2014 in association with PledgeMusic.

It may be a drizzly October night but it’s also the second date of the DIY Presents Tour 2014 - there’s no time to let the weather put a dampener on proceedings. Brighton’s fresh-faced High Tyde have the task of setting the tone for the evening, carefree track ‘Karibou’ providing a particularly sunny indie pop distraction as Reading folk trickle in.

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Next up, in their short but oh so certainly sweet set, Shy Nature prove to be deceptively named, dropping a number of humungous, potentially arena-sized choruses amongst sparkling guitars. Not that there aren’t more delicate moments too, vocalist Will Blackaby’s delightful croon providing another highlight, even if his in between song banter may need a little work. When performing a track from their soon to be released ‘Birthday Club’ EP, Blackaby corners himself saying, “It isn’t out yet…you can buy our old EP which is even better than our new EP.” Tonight they prove that they’ve set their own bar mighty high.

There is a genuine squeal of excitement from the crowd as Flyte squeeze on to the modest stage and with good reason. Not only does their brand of retro inspired pop demand to be danced to (and dance the Oakford does), but tonight the melodies that hold it all together are allowed to shine and sound utterly ethereal. It’s probably impossible to not be having the loveliest of times when this London four piece is playing in your vicinity. With bright eyes and the broadest of grins Flyte look as charmed as their audience. This remarkably being only their first proper headline jaunt, it’s clear that Reading has been treated to something rather special tonight indeed.


Shy Nature

High Tyde