DIY Presents Tour 2014 Tour Diary: Shy Nature

Photo Diary: Shy Nature

The band’s time on the DIY Presents Tour 2014… in photo form.

Late October saw Flyte and Shy Nature head out on the DIY Presents Tour 2014 in association with PledgeMusic - six free-entry shows which culminated in Saturday’s all-dayer at The Laundry in London. 

“We had some time [to hang out], the main one was after Nottingham,” remembers drummer Matthew Paisley of the tour. We bonded that night over some whiskey. The two Will’s wrestled, Will [Taylor] from Flyte and Will [Blackaby] from Shy Nature.”

“I’ve actually got quite a good picture of mid-wrestling, where they’re squaring off,” laughs Gary Saloman. “I think someone executed a stunner, and it was pretty much game over after that.”

Read up on all the goings on at the all-dayer here, see photos from all the band’s sets this way, and find out what went down at the Reading date of the tour over here

Here, Shy Nature have sent us a pictorial tour diary of the whole tour, featuring crowds in Leeds, hotel beds, inter-band group hugs and a wall.

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Bands arrive. Venue suddenly a complete mess.”

Surrounded by pedals.”

Matt cracked a cymbal on the first day of the tour, so bought this shiny new one.”


Exploring the streets of Bournemouth.”

The kind of picture you end up taking a bunch of when spending a lot of time staring at the side of a road.”

Reading and enjoying daytime TV at one of our favourite boutique hotels.”

Poster boy.”

One of our painstakingly personalised amps sitting in anticipation of a show.”

Will warming up with our spare guitar. Never tour without a sparesie.”

Good vibes in Leeds.”

We carry and sell all our merch in this old picnic basket. It’s starting to fall apart a little but that’s become part of its charm.”


Will and Will’s infamous wrestling match outside Nottingham castle.”

Spooky lights backstage on the last date of the tour, the DIY all-dayer in London.”

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