Sponsored: Watch Sam Harris & Jamie N Commons perform ‘Jungle’ with buskers at Budweiser Made In America

Watch Sam Harris & Jamie N Commons perform ‘Jungle’ with buskers at Budweiser Made In America

See the final chapter in a long journey.

Months of work and talent scouting have come to an end. For the past few weeks, Sam Harris (X Ambassadors) and Jamie N Commons have been scouring the globe to find the world’s best buskers. Landing in London, New York, Rio de Janeiro - they recruited the best talent from across the world, with everything culminating in an ecstatic performance of ‘Jungle’ at Budweiser’s MADE in America festival

The final episode in a series of ‘MADE Underground’ sees all the musicians rehearsing, going through the motions of playing live, before playing in front of thousands of people. 

They begin by practicing on Venice Beach, impressing passers-by in the process. But nothing compares to the eventual performance, playing for screaming fans in their masses.  

Buskers go through City Hall, prepped for the performance of their lives, and the show follows their journey from street to stage. 

They perform a new version of ‘Jungle’ complete with beatbox, added guitar slides, maddening sax solos and the odd dosage of banjo. 

In the end, they clearly pick up the taste for playing more and playing live. This looks to be just the beginning of a big journey, especially given Jamie N Commons’ ambitions. 

Watch the final episode of ‘MADE Underground’ below.

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