Playlist: SOAK: Songs to fall asleep to

SOAK: Songs to fall asleep to

Class of 2015’s resident dinosaur lover and skateboard shredder SOAK has made DIY a playlist of songs to soundtrack drifting off to dreamland.

Falling asleep can be a right old nuisance between buzzing phone alerts and neighbours having impromptu house parties. Everyone’s got their own hit and miss method; be it strange rituals involving scented candles and camomile tea, or super-thick curtains that claim to have light-fending superpowers. They don’t always work out.

SOAK loves dinosaurs so much that she has them tattooed all down her arms, but she doesn’t count them to get to sleep, oh no. Instead, she’s made us this playlist of songs to drift off into lullaby land with. Visiting Joni Mitchell, Rae Morris and Marika Hackman along the way, it’s a pretty top-notch dream inducer.

So, dim the lights, fill up the hot water bottle, and let Bridie Monds-Watson guide you through her ‘Songs To Fall Asleep To’. Hopefully you’ll be on the edge of slumber by the end. But, y’know, if you’re not, SOAK’s DIY Class of 2015 interview should be your next port of call.

You can also listen to SOAK’s playlist on our Spotify.

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Atlas Hands

This song always reminds me of making snow angels in the winter when I was younger with friends.

(At this stage you’ve just laid down and you’re still scrolling through Facebook)

Lissie - Everywhere I Go

I suppose this is a proper break-up song, or at least a song that I would most definitely scream/cry to in that situation. I’m always surprised at how underrated it is.

Rae Morris - Way Back When

This tune has been stuck in my head for a few weeks. Rae has such a powerful vocal, and is such a strong songwriter. I love the, ‘’c’mon lets start again’’ part, it’s a little special bit that makes me feel a bit weird/ happy & sad  all at once (in a good way).

(You’ve just realised that nobody does anything of any real interest on a Sunday night. You leave Facebook, set fourteen/fifteen alarms and put your phone down (after making sure it’s definitely on the charger))

The Hoosiers - Money To Be Made

This was the first ever album that I bought. I feel like most songs got overlooked because of the ever brain melting, ‘’Goodbye Mr A’’ (I’ve just put it on and always trying to avoid head bopping). This song helped my thirteen year old self get through a death in the family, and the album was my first real introduction to ‘indie’ music. They’re also the first band I found by myself (I’ve just realised that they’ve released two albums since and I’ve gotten really excited and scared incase i’m not a fan). ’Run rabbit run’ is also a great track on this album.

Marika Hackman - Drown

I’ve just discovered this song through that whole ‘’Zane Lowe’s hottest records’ jazz. What a beautiful, beautiful track. I’m now a massive fan of Marika’s work, and also, all of her album art is beautiful. Everything about this song is, as we say in Ireland, ‘’lethal’’ (that means really, super good)

(You pick your phone back up to make sure you haven’t passed the due date for that thing you were meant to do last week. Realise it’s in a few days, set your phone back down thinking, “aw sure I’ve tons of time, it’s only a couple thousands words, take me five minutes!’’)

Joni Mitchell - River

This is a seasonally selected choice. The past few years its become my Christmas anthem. One year me, my brothers and Dad sat around my room taking turns to put on a song, quite competitively. I think my little brother chose this. It remains the only song I’ve seen my dad cry at.

M83 - Wait

I’m not quite sure why but this song always makes me feel kind of courageous, I think it’s the kind of shouty chorus. I imagine a video in my head playing, usually, behind a lot of songs. This one always manages to make me think of a dramatic and emotional slow-mo braveheart dragon fight scene.

(The lights are out and you are overthinking EVERYTHING)

John Martyn - Couldn’t Love You More

Aw, this song.THIS SONG. Probably in the top ten of my overall favourite songs. John Martyn was a god.

John Martyn - Small Hours

(Is it just me or did this playlist take an unexpected turn into the John Martyn fan club?) These two songs flow into one and other so beautifully, and this is the ultimate song to fall asleep to. They recorded this song over a lake, and you can hear every little bird. The flow of the lake will definitely make you fall asleep. Not only was Mr Martyn an incredible guitar player; what a songsmith.

This song makes me want to hug everyone that matters to me and tell them so.

(You’ve concluded that everything will be alright & realised that you were in fact overthinking and realised that it won’t matter if you wear leggings tomorrow or not)  You’ve fallen asleep now, with a smile on your face. Wrapped up all cosy with the wind going outside & rain on your window, well, if you live in the U.k. that is.)

(I hope you’re dreaming of slow mo dragon fights.)

You’re welcome. 

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