Watch: What Goes On Tour: Slaves

What Goes On Tour: Slaves

Isaac and Laurie talk all things on the road ahead of their recent London gig.

Kent two-piece punks Slaves have had one hell of a 2014 - festivals, TV appearances, making fools of themselves in front of internationally famous rock superstars - and with 2015 looming the roll doesn’t look like stopping any time soon. 

Part of DIY’s Class of 2015, the pair’s singles - most recently ‘Hey’ and ‘The Hunter’ - are nothing short of incendiary. They’re also a phenomenal live force, and the gig following this interview at an east London pub proved both majestically, ending as it did with both singer/drummer Isaac Holman and guitarist Laurie Vincent crowd-surfing in impressive style atop a ferocious ‘pit. 

Watch them talk all things touring alongside footage from the gig below.

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Class of 2015

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