Premiere: Cairobi bring quick-witted psychedelia to new ‘Zoraide’ video

Cairobi bring quick-witted psychedelia to new ‘Zoraide’ video

Exciting new act span across continents, their music working wonders in turn.

Cairobi are a fledging new five-piece whose roots run from Austria to Mexico, with pit-stops in Italy and France. Now based in London, their world music-nodding take on psychedelia is readying itself for a debut EP release on 23rd February, ‘Distant Fire’ arriving on the back of 2014 breakthrough ‘Zoraide’. 

Ahead of the new EP, the band are filtering their crazed but quick-witted take on pop into a luscious, colour-crazy new video. Stirring and sinister in equal amounts, they throw strange shades and fucked-up filters to an otherwise conventional series of shots. Nothing quite sits normally, which is all part of Cairobi’s instant appeal - they sound different from the off, a prospect that’s yet to be encountered. 

DIY is premiering the new ‘Zoraide’ video below.

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