Sponsored: New music discovery service lets fans ‘invest’ in artists

New music discovery service lets fans ‘invest’ in artists

Virtual coins are the currency for exciting start-up Tradiio.

Launching this March, Tradiio is a new music start-up encouraging plucky fans to ‘invest’ in the artists they’re into. With the focus being on allowing new acts to stand out in the crowd, it’s aiming to revolutionise the way we consume music: No longer being passive streamers, with Tradiio we’ll be able to follow an artist’s every move. 

The service uses ‘virtual coins’  - given to users at login - as a currency. Bands receiving the most investment then rise up the Tradiio charts, whereby they’re given real life perks and rewards, like festival appearances, music videos, time in the studio. 

Users benefit too - not just from seeing their favourite act rise up the charts, but also by winning prizes, festival tickets and even an exclusive show with an artist they’ve invested in. 

Tradiio opens in March, but artists seeking virtual investment can register and upload their music now

To be one of the first gain access to the beta version of the platform, go here to be added to the queue.

Below, you can watch an exclusive collaboration between Dummy and Tradiio, where they follow the life of Canadian alt-pop group TOPS.

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