Care package: Brand New reveal details of ‘Deja Entendu’ RSD re-release

Brand New reveal details of ‘Deja Entendu’ RSD re-release

The band will be repressing their second album on vinyl, and it’ll come complete with a few treats.

Last night, the full list of this year’s Record Store Day was released, and for a handful of fans, it was very exciting for one reason in particular. This year will see Long Island quartet Brand New repressing their second album ‘Deja Entendu’ for the first time since its original release, which has been long sold out. 

Infamously collectible and notoriously hard to track down, original copies of the vinyl edition are near impossible to own nowadays. However, this year’s Record Store Day - which takes place on 18th April - will give fans a second opportunity to purchase the band’s sophomore album. The only catch that comes is that the listing has only appeared on the US list of releases and is limited to 1400 copies.

The re-release of ‘Deja Entendu’ is, however, set to gain another pressing, which is due to land on 5th May. Whether this will be more widely available or where the point of purchase will be has yet to be confirmed, but details are expected to emerge shortly.

There are also some further details of the Record Store Day edition: not only will fans be offered a 2x12” vinyl, but it’ll be housed in a paper bag and - according to the website - will come with a “Lyric Book Insert, Patch Insert, Sticker Sheet Insert, Download Card.” 

The tracklisting of the band’s release is as follows.

Side A: 1. Tautou, 2. Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades, 3. I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light
Side B: 4. Okay, I Believe You But my Tommy Gun Don’t, 5. The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows, 6. The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
Side C: 7. Jaws Theme Swimming, 8. Me Vs. Maradonna Vs. Elvis, 9. Guernica
Side D 10. Good To Know That I Ever Need Attention, 11. Play Crack The Sky

Reminisce with the band’s ‘The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows’ below.

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