Have You Heard? Brand New - Mene

Brand New - Mene

Jarring and powerful, the band’s first new track in six years proves that Brand New are in no danger of losing their fire.

When Brand New released their first new material in six years, it was like throwing a lit match into a petrol-drenched pyre. Granted, rumours had been swirling round for the past twelve months that, finally, something new might emerge from their camp. It almost made the fact that the rumours became truth that little harder to comprehend.

The reaction to their newest offering was immediate; word of it spread like wildfire, and regardless of its slightly premature appearance online, there was no taking ‘Mene’ back once it had seen the light of day. First debuted live as ‘Don’t Feel Anything’, the Long Island band’s first material since 2009’s ‘Daisy’ is a shot of adrenaline, opening with thundering drums and moving seamlessly into Jesse Lacey’s taunting, layered vocals. ‘Mene’ is a disillusioned anthem that rings with scuzzy feedback. Jarring and powerful, it proves that Brand New are in no danger of losing their fire.

From the doom-laced meaning behind its title, to the foreboding screamed sentiments of the chorus, what the track means about the band’s future is anyone’s guess. Standalone, or the first taste of a record, no one’s quite sure. Either way, though, this should keep us content for at least a while longer.

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