Festivals: Spector, Menace Beach, Oscar to play DIY Presents Stage at The Great Escape

Spector, Menace Beach, Oscar to play DIY Presents Stage at The Great Escape

We’re taking over the seaside’s The Arch in May.

It’s that time of year again - hushed whispers about the ‘next big thing’, pints on the seaside, seeing the best new bands take their first steps. The Great Escape celebrates its 10th birthday this year, and once again DIY is putting together a great big showcase over the 14th-16th May weekend.

We’ve been given the keys to the The Arch (formerly known as Digital and Coliseum) on Saturday 16th May. Headlining the DIY Presents stage is the beloved Spector, specialists in dreamboat calendars and bold pop. Fred MacPherson and co. are topping a five-band bill.

They’ll be joined by DIY favourites Menace Beach - fresh from releasing their five-star-rated ‘Ratworld’ debut - Wichita signing Oscar, unorthodox pop heavyweights Zun Zun Egui and tropical-pop newcomers Ekkah.

“There’s something about the way British people act at festivals…,” Fred from Spector told us. “Minds just get lost. I guess it’s the ultimate time-off in a way - people just enter this spiritual nether world. The Great Escape’s a little different as all the venues are inside but it doesn’t seem to stop people acting like they’re in a field in the middle of nowhere.

“A lot of my memories of Brighton just trail off into question marks which is worrying. Things always get a little hazy off stage and on. Maybe it’s the sea air…”

Full details of the DIY Presents Great Escape stage are below. The full TGE gig planner can be found here and get 2015 tickets here.

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DIY Presents Stage, The Coliseum, Saturday 16th May

Zun Zun Egui
Menace Beach (pictured)