Watch: Peace unveil ‘Gen Strange’ video, starring the ACTUAL PETER CROUCH

Peace unveil ‘Gen Strange’ video, starring the ACTUAL PETER CROUCH

Watch out, world. #IndiePete’s big screen debut is a game-changer.

For months now, Peter Crouch has attempted to dislodge Leighton Baines from his position of being Indie-est Footballer In The World. Daniel Sturridge keeps hanging out with Jessie Ware, but that’s nothing. Crouchy discovered Future Islands after watching Jools Holland, loved the way the “fella” moves, and that spiralled an awakening in the Stoke striker.

He’s since been embraced as football’s new muso, a brave new hope, standing alongside drumming extraordinare Petr Cech as footy’s music ambassadors.

Things just got real. Crouch is starring in the new video for his favourite band, Peace. In ‘Gen Strange’, he plays the role of a tracksuit-sporting no-gooder, who gets into a fight with the Birmingham band’s gang alter-ego, the Toadz.

The Toadz are a bunch of shits, to be honest. Like something out of ‘Clockwork Orange’ but with way less cred, they meet their nemesis in Crouchy and there’s no going back.

Long live #IndiePete. You will forever be one of DIY’s most beloved Twitter followers. All the best.

Watch Peace’s ‘Gen Strange’ video below. ‘Happy People’ is out now.

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