Update: Lorde says her new album is “exciting, scary” and influenced by Robyn

Lorde says her new album is “exciting, scary” and influenced by Robyn

Second album is being produced by Joel Little.

Lorde has given a progress update on her new album, in a message to fans.

Taking to her Tumblr page, the New Zealand star is promising an “exciting” and “scary” follow-up to 2013 debut ‘Pure Heroine’.

“I took a few months off at the beginning of this year, which was so great - I did a bunch of swimming and driving around and being salty - and now I’m just getting into making the next body of work, which is very exciting and scary but SO VALIDATING (I also went to a wild beautiful fashawwn ball last night which maybe I’ll elaborate on in another post),” she told fans.

She also said that Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ was her favourite song. Citing the track, she said: “It’s just perfect. We put it on right there in the studio, and I was up out of my seat dancing with my eyes screwed shut, and my hands up around my ears, and we looked into each other’s eyes and sang the words, and I could feel something hot and teary in the back of my throat just from FEELING so much at once. And I think it was then when I realized i’m going to be in love with music for the rest of my life. It’s going to be the most important friendship I’ll ever have. I’ll never, ever leave it alone, because you can’t leave alone something like that, something that makes you weep alone on aeroplanes or jolts you out of a chair and shatters your face with a big toothy smile.

“I think that’s a cool, intense revelation to have, going into your second record,” she explained. “First records are like meeting someone and feeling that need to do everything, just in case for whatever reason, you run out of time, or they stop feeling the same way as you. I feel much calmer, more comfortable in my love of doing this, and its apparent love of me, this time around. So there’s that.”

Earlier this week, producer Joel Little said he and Lorde were “trying new things” on LP2.

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