Premiere: Dream Wife take no prisoners with ‘F.U.U’

Dream Wife take no prisoners with ‘F.U.U’

Brighton trio fuck up the fun with glitz-doused new video.

Dream Wife are a different kind of beast. The Brighton-hailing trio - consisting of Icelandic singer Rakel, joined by Alice and Bella - formed in art school, and they’ve since gone on a mission to bring a no-prisoners edge to showy, theatrical pop.

Debut single ‘Believe’ sat somewhere between Bananarama and TOPS, and their follow-up effort ‘F.U.U’ is an even deadlier statement of intent. Presumably standing for “fuck you up”, this is a bloodthirsty take on glam pop, delivered with a bitter aftertaste. The trio declare it to be “poolside pop with a bite,” and that’s a perfect summary. Sun-lounging and simple on the outside, it packs a killer instinct.

DIY’s got the first play of ‘F.U.U’, which has landed alongside footage of the band attending local haunt Green Door Store, playing shows complete with fur coats, giant balloons and bike machines. It looks like the funnest night in the country, way more than your average gig.

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