Tei Shi airs ‘See Me’ video

Tei Shi airs ‘See Me’ video

The song features on this year’s ‘Verde’ EP.

Back in April, singer-songwritery newcomer Tei Shi released her ‘Verde’ EP, led by breakthrough track ‘Bassically’, and ahead of a sprinkling of festival appearances which included Field Day and Liverpool Sound City.

She’s now aired a video for one of the EP’s tracks, ‘See Me’, as shot in Bogotà, Colombia, where Tei Shi - aka Valerie Teicher - grew up - and the winter in Brooklyn.

“Two environments that I identify with very strongly,” she explains. “It came together kind of spur of the moment, and I had an amazing team with DREAMTIGER and Jonathan Wing helping me fulfil the idea. We spent some days exploring Bogota, the city where I spent most of my childhood and where my mother’s side of the family has lived for generations… along the way we found some breathtaking and really unusual settings, which gave the song a totally new life. I wanted to be able to share this part of my identity through my music somehow, so here it is, in me re-discovering a lot of what defines me and my history through the music that has defined me for the past year. Hope you enjoy it.

Tie Shi supports Years & Years in the US this autumn, alongside New York and LA headline dates.

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