Premiere: Warm Brains announces ‘Big Wow’ album, shares ‘Pink Blackpool Rock’

Warm Brains announces ‘Big Wow’ album, shares ‘Pink Blackpool Rock’

Rory Attwell releases his new LP this November - we’ve got the first cut.

Producer extraordinare Rory Attwell has more buzz bands on his CV than there are pig-related jokes on Twitter this morning. The former Test Icicle has been going it alone as a go-to producer for years now, while also building a rep as Warm Brains.

Attwell has just confirmed a new album under his musical alias. ‘Big Wow’ is coming out 6th November via Milk Milk Lemonade Records, following on from 2011 debut ‘Old Volcanoes’ and the ‘Happy Accidents’ EP from 2013.

The record’s being led by ‘Pink Blackpool Rock’, a tightly-wound tense cut that’s devoted to the outlandish people of the world. The song’s all about “people in history who have had thoughts and ideas that have been considered to be complete insanity, but with the passing of time those ideas have been regarded as very intuitive, progressive and highly valuable,” Attwell says. Anyone deemed bizarre should just go for it - that’s the point of this song.

It comes backed with a suitably strange lyric video, premiering below on DIY. Check it out below a tracklist.

Languid Tarmac
White Monitor Screens
Happy Accidents
Brain Inside A Jar
Another Queue At The Coinstar
(Live From A Campsite In Aotearoa)
I Pedal Faster
Now That I’m Boring
Braising In The Sun
Pink Blackpool Rock
The Islandman
Bricks & Mortar
(We Always Quake At Plans Of Nigel)

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