Sponsored: Watch the winning films from Magnum ice cream & i-D’s Vie Magnifique competition

Watch the winning films from Magnum ice cream & i-D’s Vie Magnifique competition

Three independent filmmakers worked with Xavier Dolan to create their ‘Be True To Your Pleasure’ clips.

Earlier this year, Magnum ice cream, i-D and esteemed filmmaker Xavier Dolan teamed up for a short film competition that encouraged independent filmmakers to offer up ideas portraying the discovery of pleasure. Now, the winners of the aptly-titled ‘Be True To Your Pleasure’ competition have been chosen and – with the help and guidance of the award-winning Dolan - allowed to bring their visions to life.

The three clips themselves are simple but effective; created by Patrick Downing, Andrew Cummings and Kara Smith, each of the films show that pleasure can be be both a joy and a challenge, a sacrifice and a guiltless bit of fun. More than anything though, it’s about finding pure bliss and satisfaction, which is something each of these clips endeavour to discover.

Whether in the guiltless fun of static electricity (as showcased in Downing’s sweet clip ‘Zap’), the brilliant clarity of a eureka moment (Cummings’ beautiful film for ‘Kai’) or winning back what you once thought lost (Smith’s surreal challenge-slash-duel in ‘Wild Space’) pleasure is boundless and can be found all around us: it’s just about focusing in on it.

Watch the three finished Vie Magnifique films the below, and be inspired to unearth some of your own pleasures.

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‘Zap’ (directed by Patrick Downing):

‘Kai’ (directed by Andrew Cummings):

‘Wild Space’ (directed by Kara Smith):

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