Premiere: Sudakistan get deranged with ‘Concrete Djungle’

Sudakistan get deranged with ‘Concrete Djungle’

Stockholm force deliver a percussive blast from their ‘Caballo Negro’ release.

Swedish five-piece Sudakistan are like kids in a playground whenever they get near a new-fangled instrument or piece of kit. There’s no off button when it comes to their berserk and vibrant psych, giving nods to fellow maniacs Goat in a percussive, globe-trotting blitz.

It’s more evident than ever on ‘Concrete Djungle’, a newly-revved take that forms part of their new ‘Caballo Negro’ collection on PNKSLM Recordings, out 20th November. On the one hand, it sounds like a product of five guys bashing random objects into oblivion for years on end. On the other, it could be a spontaneous burst of noise, a bellowed-out triumph conjured up from inner demons.

Either way, it’s a marvellous racket, and it’s premiering on DIY below.

Pre-order Sudakistan’s debut album here.

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