More Rock n’ Roll fun: Sleater-Kinney are planning on recording another album

Sleater-Kinney are planning on recording another album

The reunited band “feels like it’s up and running again,” says Carrie Brownstein.

About to head out on another string of tour dates in the U.S. Sleater-Kinney - who reunited this year after a decade away - have vague plans to make another record. ‘No Cities To Love’, which came out in January, was their first album since 2005’s ‘The Woods’.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the band’s Carrie Brownstein said “I think we’ll definitely get back to writing songs,” after the U.S. tour. “We feel less trapped by a repetitive cycle of writing, recording and touring,” she explained, adding that “the band feels like it’s up and running again.”

She also described how being in Sleater-Kinney feels the second time around. “It’s definitely different,” she said. “There is nothing about it we take for granted. We’re very careful with one another, very protective of one another, and protective of the entity that is the band…There’s a collective desire to want it, and not to do it for any reasons other than fulfillment and enjoyment,’ she said.

Currently doing the promotional rounds for her new memoir ‘Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl,’ Brownstein has also been busy announcing a Tudor-inspired folk album. Luckily she was joking about that one.

Listen to Sleater-Kinney’s ‘Combat Rock’ - from 2002 album ‘One Beat’ - below.

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