Curtain Call: Birdskulls: “We’re going to be working on something new for sure”

Birdskulls: “We’re going to be working on something new for sure”

DIY spoke to Jack Pulman about the band’s upcoming involvement in Curtain Call 2016.

Early next year, Birdskulls will be the first new artists invited to join in Curtain Call, DIY’s new project with Jägermeister which sees us invade Shoreditch’s Curtain Road.

The Brighton trio - who released their debut album ‘Trickle’ back in September - will be recording a new track at Strongrooms Studio in mid-January before playing a show at Strongroom Bar later that same month, alongside a soon-to-be-announced headliner.

Ahead of their appearances on the East London road, we spoke to the band’s Jack Pulman about how the band’s year has been, what exactly went into making their record and if they’ve got some ideas for what they plan to record already up their sleeve.

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Hello! As it’s now approaching the end of the year, let’s look back. How’s 2015 been for you?

Jack: 2015 has gone so quick. It has definitely been our busiest year with shows and the album release. It feels like we recorded the album yesterday! But yeah, this year has seen us do things we’ve been wanting to do for a long time, like longer tours. We just got back off of one with a Brighton band called Broadbay, who are awesome, check them out!

You released ‘Trickle’ back in September; what went into making that record? What sort of statement did you want to make with it?

Jack: We put everything into ‘Trickle’. It was a long time coming: we had put out so many singles and splits over the years and I guess, this album is a collection of songs that intended to bridge the gap between old and new. We had a clear idea of what we wanted to sound like, but we didn’t want to forget what we sounded like before! We are really happy with ‘Trickle’ and most importantly it hasn’t become boring playing the songs live… yet!

What’ve you got planned for next year?

Jack: We’ve got some tours lined up with bands on our label Dog Knights Productions in Europe and the UK, they’re yet to be announced though. We’re really excited to get out to mainland Europe, it’s another thing to tick off our to-do list. The longer we can spend out there, the better. We’re planning a couple of releases too, so we’ll keep you posted.

How’re you looking forward to being involved in the Curtain Call project?

Jack: Curtain Call sounds cool - great for bands like us who just wanna record and play as many shows as possible! Personally, I’m really looking forward to working with a new producer. I love hearing different people’s opinions on how a record should sound and putting ideas together, even if they clash.

Do you have any idea what you’ll be working in when you’re in the studio or will it be a bit more of an impromptu effort?

Jack: We’re going to be working on something new for sure. Ideas may be impromptu but the skeleton of the song will be there before we get in the studio!

Birdskulls will play Strongroom Bar as part of DIY & Jägermeister’s Curtain Call on 26th January 2016.

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