Best Of 2015: Spring King’s Tarek Musa takes us through his favourite drummers

Spring King’s Tarek Musa takes us through his favourite drummers

The multi-talented sticksman picks out his favourite fellow skin-bashers.

Spring King head honcho Tarek Musa is a talent like few others. Not content with being the brains behind Spring King, he’s also an in-demand producer for every hot young talent worth sitting behind a desk for (he’s produced Gengahr and The Big Moon in recent months).

Truly his finest skill, though, is his ability to thrash out Spring King’s mile-a-minute, thrashing bangers from behind the kit, all while singing too. We can’t even pat our head and rub our tummy - lord knows how he manages this. Admittedly, it’s a talent he’s still honing, if the stories of it lis on-stage from the exertion are to be believed, There’s something brilliantly quirky about a singing drummer, and with that in mind, we asked Tarek to recommend us a few super-talented sticksmen that inspire him to keep on truckin’.

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Isaac Holman (Slaves)

Isaac Holman is an absolute machine. He can drum, freestyle, and get any crowd going. He is definitely one of the coolest guys I know too. I don’t know how he plays hour long sets, he never stops!

Karen Carpenter (The Carpenters)

Karen Carpenter was a genius. I don’t know many people that can do what she did, as a drummer, singer and songwriter all in one.

Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt)

Brian Chippendale was always another favourite of mine as a teenager, he’s also a fantastic artist, and comic book creator. Him and Zach Hill (below) really take drumming to another level. If you haven’t heard either of them before, you need to watch some YouTube.

Dave Grohl (Nirvana / Foo Fighters / Queens Of The Stone Age)

I don’t think I need to say much about him. He’s a legend.

Also in the greats: Don Henley (The Eagles), Phil Collins (Genesis) and most definitely Stewart Copeland (The Police).

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