Curtain Call: Kagoule: “We can’t wait to get some new stuff down”

Kagoule: “We can’t wait to get some new stuff down”

DIY spoke to the band’s Cai Burns about the band’s upcoming involvement in Curtain Call 2016.

Next month, Nottingham trio Kagoule will be the second new band invited to join in Curtain Call, DIY’s new project with Jägermeister which sees us invade Shoreditch’s Curtain Road.

The band - who released their debut album ‘Urth’ back in August last year - will be recording a new track at Strongrooms Studio in mid-February before playing a show at The Old Blue Last later on that same month, alongside some soon-to-be-announced special guests.

Ahead of their appearances on the East London road, we spoke to the band’s Cai Burns about how their last twelve months have gone, what they aimed to achieve with their debut and what they’ve got planned for when they enter the studio next month.

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Hello! It’s a brand new year! How were the last twelve months for you? Looking back, what were your favourite experiences along the way?

Cai: Aye, it is! It was a busy one for us. We just finished up a massive tour [late last year]. Started in US, journeyed through Europe and finished our travels in the UK. We had a musical baby which we named ‘Urth’. Grew some chest hair, learnt my first guitar chord. I also recently learnt how to breath underwater…

You released ‘Urth’ back in August last year; what went into making that record? What sort of statement did you want to make with it?

Cai: Our teenage lives went into making that record. A few of the tracks on there were written when we first started the band about 5 years ago, so I guess the album is a collection of the songs that have meant the most to us since we began. Before we had any idea that we would make an album we wrote every song as if we were a new band. Doing an album meant having to work with songs that flowed and worked together so a big challenge was deciding what we actually wanted to be as a band.

What’ve you got planned for this year ahead?

Cai: We’ll be touring, playing festivals and finishing writing our next record. We sure ain’t short of ideas about things we want to do and places we want to go - I think we need to cut our list down a bit. Please someone book us a show in Japan! I also plan on learning how to shred annoyingly fast and never not doing it on all future songs.

You’re also going to be involved in the Curtain Call project - how’re you looking forward to it?

Cai: We can’t wait to get some new stuff down. It’s been a while since we’ve been in a studio so we’re pretty eager to get going with it. We’ve been working on loads of music since ‘Urth’ that we want to get digitally musicalised and transmitted to your hearing aids.

Do you have any idea what you’ll be working on when you’re in the studio, as part of the project or will it be a bit more of an impromptu effort?

Cai: Yeah, we’ll working on a new track that we’ve had in the set for the past few months, which has been begging us to record it so it can travel the world in mp3 form.

Kagoule will play The Old Blue Last as part of DIY & Jägermeister’s Curtain Call on 23rd February 2016.

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