Sponsored: Smirnoff Sound Collective meet New York DJ collective DISCWOMAN

In the first episode of Tribes, Smirnoff Sound Collective meet the three founders behind the New York collective.

It’s no secret that diversity within dance music is somewhat of a taboo subject, and it’s within Smirnoff’s newest endeavour, Smirnoff Sound Collective, that they dive into the heart of the scene to discover some of the brightest groups and collectives who are trying to incite change.

For the first episode in their new series Tribes, Smirnoff Sound Collective sit down with New York’s DISCWOMAN. A collective founded by Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, Emma Olsen and Christine Tran, the trio are working to provide “a support system” for upcoming female DJs and producers, as well as a platform for events encouraging dance music to become more open to all genders, races and sexualities.

The video also joins them as they travel to Mexico City, as they continue their mission to “keep going to new places” in the name of impacting a new generation of women across the world.

“Women, men, gay, straight,” the video opens with. “If you have music that’s made by all of these different kinds of people then you have a richer field of music.” In their eleven-minute documentary – which also speaks to DJs and producers Vivian Host aka Star Eyes, Marea Stamper aka The Black Madonna, Sanaya Ardeshir and Nicole Moudaber – Smirnoff Sound Collective prove that’s entirely true.

Watch the first episode of Tribes and meet the women behind New York’s DISCWOMAN below.

Find out more about DISCWOMAN on their official website. See more episodes to come from Smirnoff Sound Collective’s Tribes series here.

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