Curtain Call: Cut Ribbons: “We wanted to make something with a sense of adventure”

Cut Ribbons: “We wanted to make something with a sense of adventure”

We go behind the curtain with the Welsh band as they record new track ‘Helen of Troy’ in the heart of Curtain Road.

You can be one of the best new bands around, but there are hundreds of hurdles to jump when it comes to taking a next step. Recording, making videos, playing gigs - the road to success is rarely an easy route. That’s where Curtain Call comes in.

Curtain Call takes the ‘road to success’ literally by basing itself on the iconic Curtain Road, a hub of creativity in London’s Shoreditch. Home to the some of the world’s best independent labels - Wichita, Bella Union, Secretly Canadian & many more - it crams together music, fashion and culture, making it the perfect location for a new band to take their next step.

This month, DIY and Jägermeister have teamed up with Welsh five-piece Cut Ribbons. After releasing their debut album ‘We Want to Watch Something We Loved Burn’ last year, the band have begun their 2016 by recording a brand new track in the heart of Curtain Road, at Strongroom Music Studio. Tomorrow, they’ll be playing it live for good measure, when they hit the stage at the Queen of Hoxton, alongside Tall Ships and Sports Team, and we’ve been keeping up with them every step of the way.

“We wanted make something with a sense of adventure and maybe a little bit more abrasive than before,” the band revealed, of the track in question. As it turns out, ‘Helen of Troy’ marks a couple of different challenges for the band. “The lyric writing was approached differently this time too. The first album, as fun as it was to make, was a bit of a drawn out process. This time around we’re going to trust our instincts a bit more and the whole thing will be a bit more unrestrained.”

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“The day was super chilled and loads of fun,” they continued, opening up about their time in the studio. Despite heading there for the first time, things went rather smoothly. “It honestly felt like one of the most enjoyable experiences we’ve had at any studio so far. We didn’t really feel any pressure because Steph [Marziano, their engineer] did her best to make everyone feel so comfortable.

“Working with Steph was a dream, and the whole day felt almost effortless, in a good way, and everyone was really happy with the results. After the session we even spoke about working together again because the day went so well.”

They also readily admit that the track took on a new lease of life during the recording process. Despite having had a fairly rigid idea of its structure, the quintet ended up playing around enough to see it evolve into something even bigger. “The track was written before we went into the studio,” they go on, “but new ideas came to us on the day also, as often is the case. In terms of experimenting a little bit; extra synths, guitar parts and backing vocals were put down towards the end of the session to help add that extra bit of colour and flesh the whole thing out even more.

“Early on in the practice room it sounded a lot more electronic. We used some of the early LCD Soundsystem stuff as a template for it. We ended up deciding to throw more guitars on there but still keep that almost disco drum beat, fun groove to it.”

Now, with their show with Tall Ships and Sports Team firmly in their sights, they’re looking forward to seeing how the track fits into their set. “It’s going to be awesome. A few days ago, we played a last minute, warm up show in our home town for the Curtain Call gig. The new one fits into the set perfectly and is sounding pretty fierce. It’s sort of taken on a new life since we’ve recorded it and feels like a little bit of a departure from the older stuff. We cant wait to play with Tall Ships too. We love the cover of ‘In The Rain’ that they’ve done. It’s really beautiful.”

Cut Ribbons play at the Queen of Hoxton with Tall Ships and Sports Team on 23rd March. The final few tickets are available now. Check back tomorrow for the premiere of ‘Helen of Troy’.

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