Listen: The Big Moon share spunky new ‘Cupid’ single

The Big Moon share spunky new ‘Cupid’ single

Their most massive effort to date, it comes along with the news that they’ve signed to Fiction (woo!)

There’s no two ways about it - The Big Moon are churning out bangers faster than the Walls sausage factory, and with a lot less filler. ‘Cupid’, the four-piece’s latest, is the latest in their increasingly long line of massive hits.

It finds the Class Of 2016 stars in their indie-pop element, drawing on that recent tour alongside The Maccabees to dazzling effect. It’s as massive as they come, every element of their slick pop and huge, gnarled riffing amped up to eleven.

It’s something of a celebration, too, unveiled alongside the news that The Big Moon have signed to Fiction Records. Someone get the prosecco in.

DIY’s Class Of 2016 chat with The Big Moon can be had here. Below the player, we catch up with the four of ‘em, to chat Maccabees, crosswords and, er, spunk. Look, they started it.

How did ‘Cupid’ come together? During a memorable Valentine’s Day?

Jules: Valentine’s Day didn’t come into it but there was a boy dressed as an angel. He was downing cartons of pineapple juice to make his spunk taste good. I sensed insecurity. You know when you really really want something or someone and you launch yourself into getting it - preening yourself, preparing, fantasising the blissful future, convincing yourself that you’re ready for it and you bravely throw yourself into a new situation - only to find that despite all that careful planning your nerves can still get the better of you…

Let’s play cupid - if you could fire your one ‘Guaranteed Snog’ arrow at anyone in the world, who would it be?

Fern: My boyfriend of four and a half years. Yep.
Celia: It would have to be a time travelling arrow, but Diane Lane in Rumble Fish.

How did your recent tour with The Maccabees go? Playing arenas is easy, right?

Fern: It was one of my favourite tours despite being probably the shortest! Easy? Scary. BUT our dressing room always had our name on it. Cool.
Soph: It was amazing! I find it less scary than smaller venues. We were in beautiful places every night playing to hundreds of people that love The Maccabees! Who are awesome. The only scary bit about that is that they’re not there to see you, so you’re kind of hoping to win them over. But we’re so lucky, what an amazing place to try and do that!

Did you pick up anything from the Maccaboys? Any handy touring hints? Tips on achieving the perfect buzzcut?

Fern: Sam taught me a little drum tuning tip so I learnt from the master. His toms SOUND AMAZING.
Celia: Orlando helped me out with some crossword clues. It was pretty rock and roll.

You’re plotting an endless summer with loads of festival appearances - what else can we expect?

Soph: We’ll be dressed up as postwomen for the duration of End Of The Road.
Celia: I’m imagining the entire summer is gonna be spent lying around in various fields drinking beer and playing some awesome shows. And the whole thing is gonna be soundtracked by Whitney’s new album. It’s gonna be the dream! Oh and we have an EXCELLENT song that we wanna release for summer! It’s all pretty exciting.

The Big Moon will play The Great Escape (19th - 21st May) where DIY is an official media partner. Tickets are on sale now. Visit for more information.

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