Premiere: Cuddle Magic save the killer punch for ‘Trojan Horse’

Cuddle Magic save the killer punch for ‘Trojan Horse’

Dazzling track is taken from their new LP, ‘Ashes/Axis’.

Brooklyn six-piece Cuddle Magic don’t go for the jugular. Despite their size, on record they could easily be mistaken for a minimalist two-piece. Instead of storming into a studio, bashing every instrument in sight and creating sheer noise, each member adopts a subtle role within the equation.

‘Trojan Horse’, streaming below, is the first glimpse of their forthcoming LP ‘Ashes/Axis’. It’s a glistening, quick-footed pop track, informed by Ghanian music and bringing to mind the shuffling tricks of Rostam Batmanglij’s Discovery project from way back. Benjamin Lazar Davis leads the way, linking feather-light piano with ultra-glitchy synths. Cuddle Magic might deal in subtleties, but they hit hard with every move. It’s a dazzling insight into what makes the band so, err, magic.

‘Ashes/Axis’ is due out later this year, with ‘Trojan Horse’ available to buy pay-what-you-like on Bandcamp.

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