Curtain Call: Cut Ribbons and Tall Ships shimmer brightly for Curtain Call 2016

Cut Ribbons and Tall Ships shimmer brightly for Curtain Call 2016

Newcomers Sports Team kicked things off down at Curtain Road’s Queen of Hoxton.

Curtain Call – DIY’s new endeavour with Jägermeister – has already played host to two bands and now it’s time for a third to take up residence on Shoreditch’s Curtain Road. Having previously showcased both Birdskulls and Kagoule, who recorded and performed on the iconic East London stretch last month, it’s now up to Welsh quintet Cut Ribbons to add up a more serene splash to the musical mix when they take on the Queen of Hoxton.

First up, London-based newcomers Sports Team fill out the tiny stage. While one of the lesser known acts of the night, there’s no holding the band back, as their frontman promptly veers off the stage and towards the unsuspecting crowd. Their brand of drawled slackerpop is enticing, and has clearly been a factor in their building live reputation, but without any music out in the open, it’s a challenge for the crowd to get completely behind them just yet.

Next up, Cut Ribbons’ performance shimmers from the getgo. Tracks from their debut album ‘We Want To Watch Something We Loved Burn’ sound glorious, with stand-out moments coming in the form of ‘Clouds’ and their synth-laden title track. Soaring and harmonious, their set reaches some dizzying heights, while their newest offering ‘Helen of Troy’ – which was recorded just a few metres down the road at Strongroom Studios – injects proceedings with an extra kick of electricity.

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By the time that Tall Ships hit the stage, the crowd are ready and waiting. Marking their arrival with a subdued introduction, the quartet waste little time in drawing their big guns. It may have been almost four years since the release of their debut album, but ‘T=0’ hits as hard as ever, with its crashing waves and delicately sung vocals. It’s a balance that the band still manage to keep impeccably live to this day.

As expected, their set’s an emotionally-fuelled journey, through racing instrumentals and gorgeously introverted moments. Newer tracks like ‘Will To Life’ show off their bolder side, proving that they’ve got many more strings to their bow, while their debut album’s cuts still shimmer with brilliant life. With a second album finally complete – frontman Ric Phethean’s own words – the next step for the Brighton band is undoubtedly going to be a bright one.

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