Oooer! MGMT might be working with Mac DeMarco

MGMT might be working with Mac DeMarco

There’s photo evidence of Mac in the studio with the band’s Andrew VanWyngarden.

Possible collaborations abound - MGMT and Mac DeMarco might well be working together on new music!

Photographic ‘evidence’ of Mac and the band’s Andrew VanWyngarden has emerged, and as several sleuth-like Reddit users are pointing out, the photo is taken in the same home studio that MGMT have been recording in over the last few months. The photographer is Yuki Kikuchi, who appeared in Mac’s ‘I Was A Fool To Care’ clip. He’s been taking a lot of pictures of Mac DeMarco and his crew lately, so the photo is presumably recent, as well.

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Late last year MGMT hinted at new music in 2016, and last month they shared ‘another electro jam’ filmed in their home studio. Watch that below.

Beady-eyed readers will note that the wallpaper in the clip matches the wallpaper in the new photograph of Andrew and Mac. In other words - MGMT and Mac DeMarco are probably cooking up something good.

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