Bloody hell: The Stone Roses’ share new single ‘All For One’

The Stone Roses’ share new single ‘All For One’

After a week of lemons and mid-selfie revelations, it’s official. They’re back.

Oh god. Blimey. Flippin’ heck, and here we go. The Stone Roses have confirmed it - they’re back with a new single tonight. At 8pm. That’s all they’ve said on the matter.

It’s been a week of unusual teasers from the Madchester lot. As well as pasting lemons all over billboards in their home city, the band’s Mani has reportedly been telling fans about the new single, mid-selfie.

New material has been on the cards for quite some time, with The Stone Roses confirming they were back in the studio at the end of last year. Rather modestly, the band’s Ian Brown called their latest work “glorious”.

Update: ‘All For One’ is here! Listen below.

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