Sponsored Meet The Radio Collector Gerry Wells in Safestore’s Stuff Is Great video series

Meet The Radio Collector Gerry Wells in Safestore’s Stuff Is Great video series

In their new video series, Safestore give people a glimpse into the joy of collecting.

Forget decluttering, abandon minimalism. What everyone really needs - and everyone really loves - is stuff. Stuff that provokes memories, stuff that brings happiness. All of our stuff amassed over the years has a purpose and place in our lives, so why are we trying to get rid of it?

That’s a question Safestore Self Storage are asking with their new video series Stuff Is Great, which offers a glimpse into the brilliant world of collectors. For the late Gary Wells, his love of vintage radios began early on, and continued throughout his life. Having nurtured a love of all things electrical throughout his childhood, he went on to have a huge number of radios in his possession, and they were all held dearly to him.

In this episode of Safestore’s video series - aptly titled The Radio Collector - they visit Wells’ collection at the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum in West Dulwich. Not only has collecting vintage radios been a real passion for him, but now it’s offering new generations a chance to see the technology of the past. 

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