Fucking hell: There’s new music from The Strokes coming today!

There’s new music from The Strokes coming today!​

A trailer for Julian Casablancas’ new radio show has confirmed as much.

Oh god, here we go - The Strokes are releasing new music today!

Following the appearance of a new Strokes logo, projected on London and New York buildings last night, a trailer for frontman Julian Casablancas’ ‘Culture Void’ radio show on Sirius XMU has given the game away, promising “the world premiere of brand new music from The Strokes.” It’s set to air at 3pm UK time.

The band’s label Cult Records - owned by Julian, don’tchaknow - have also updated their website with the Strokes logo and the hashtag #FuturePresentPast. Those same three words featured in that aforementioned projection, ‘fwiw’.

Basically, it’s all going on. See you back here at 3pm UK time, then.

Introducing Biig Piig

Introducing Biig Piig

Born in Ireland, raised in Spain and residing in London, Jess Smyth is amalgamating heritage and genres in increasingly singular fashion.