Events An evening at the Outcast Scare B&B 

An evening at the Outcast Scare B&B

We visited the pop-up ‘Scare B&B’ which appeared at Truman Brewery’s Brick Lane Yard.

Having seen the brilliant pilot, we can safely say that creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman’s latest masterpiece, Outcast is looking set to be your new favourite TV show. 

Based on Kirkman and artist Paul Azaceta’s comic title of the same name, Outcast follows Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit), a young man who has been plagued by demonic possession his whole life. When he returns to his small hometown he embarks on a journey with the help of preacher Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister) to find the answers he needs to lead a normal life.

To celebrate the series on Tuesday’s at 10pm on FOX, a pop-up ‘Scare B&B’ appeared at Truman Brewery’s Brick Lane Yard for three days. A faithful recreation of Kyle Barnes’ childhood home, the immersive setting promised a troubled, sleepless night of terror. Lovely.

The Outcast Scare B&B – which was erected on the site of Jack the Ripper’s second murder – took on a spooky life of its own with special effects choreographed by Alan Rorrison, the creative consultant for Dynamo and Troy. Expect a host of demonic effects with drawers flying open, smashing bulbs and creepy whispers.

DIY braved a demonic 30 minutes inside the Scare B&B with only a pal, a teddy bear and some otherworldly spirits for company. We are first greeted by our creepy landlord who seems more inclined to lounging on the rickety swing chair on the porch than making us feel comfortable. He gives us a quick tour of the room and turns on the TV which is stuck on FOX and an episode of Outcast. As he leaves us alone we get comfortable – or as comfortable as we can when feeling nervous and creeped out – on the bed and settle down to watch the show. Fairly soon it becomes apparent that we aren’t entirely alone when the lights flicker and creepy voices come through the old fashioned radio on the sideboard. Then all hell breaks loose. A rocking chair rocks on its own, books fly off the shelves and we’re given spooky messages from beyond the grave. In short, we’re pretty shaken by the time we leave but in that awesome way like a particularly fun rollercoaster. 

We’re bid farewell by the landlord who is closing his B&B for the time being but tells us to: “Watch this space.” And boy will we.

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Outcast continues Tuesday’s on FOX at 10pm.

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