EP Review: Disclosure - Moog for Love EP

Disclosure - Moog for Love

On a throwback EP, what could have been a sharp reminder of the duo’s talent sadly falls somewhat short.


It’s been three years since Disclosure made good on their early blog and smoker’s room hype with ‘Settle’ – one of those rare records that took everything good about what had come before, and added even more to the recipe. In the years since, the boys still look as fresh faced as ever, but they’ve struggled to rekindle the flame, opting for big name collaborations over genuine innovation.

On new EP ‘Moog For Love’ - billed as a return to their pioneering roots - all three songs verge towards indistinct nothingness, which is a shame. Most of these tracks are reminders of older, better Disclosure tracks. Al Green appears on ‘Feel Like I Do’ but his experience and cool gets lost amongst the lack of intent, while on the title-track, Eats Everything fails to add anything but youthful vigour. Each song here blends into the next. Sure it’s cohesive, definitely, but in the domain of the EP, that’s the last thing you want as the ultimate positive. Experimentation or risk taking is given over to what feel like demos.

The final feeling of ‘Moog For Love’ is that the whole thing feels like one long intro. There is no snap. There is no burst. There is no pay-off. What could have been a sharp reminder of the duo’s talent sadly falls somewhat short.

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