Festivals: Minor Victories impress, opening final day of Latitude 2016

Latitude 2016: Minor Victories

Rachel Goswell and co. played an early set on the 6 Music stage at Henham Park.

Minor Victories don’t like the term supergroup. It’s hard not to expect certain things from a band made up of members of Slowdive, Mogwai and Editors though, and the significant crowd that turns out at their set opening the 6 Music tent is expectant.

The set is dark and heavy, and its mood would be better captured twelve hours later, but it’s still a swelling atmosphere that greets Rachel Goswell and co.

Goswell’s voice soars when taken further away from Slowdive’s shoegaze to more post-rock territory by the musicians around her, and while a supergroup they very much remain, Minor Victories are carving something all of their own, and today at Latitude feels like their biggest moment yet.

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Photos: Sarah Louise Bennett / DIY

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