Festivals Latitude 2016: M83

Latitude 2016: M83

There’s plenty of recognisable hits in the M83 repertoire.

M83 aren’t so much a band as they are a living, breathing entity. Core members and a host of supporting additions seem to drift in and out - from instrument to instrument - as focus is pulled in all directions. From solos and embellishments on just about every aspect of their live set-up, of which there is ample, to collaborative efforts in which no gap is left unfilled, M83 are as highly polished and complete as live acts come.

As one of those groups that seem to pop up everywhere - from adverts to TV shows to just about anything - there’s plenty of recognisable hits in the M83 repertoire. The likes of  ‘Midnight City’ and ‘Outro’ are even grander in a live setting, and with additional texture and layering added, their big hits really shine here. 

It’s in between the lines though that M83 are free to really explore, almost off-the-cuff feeling interludes and extensions are built to elated highs and stretched into grand symphonies which echo hauntingly around Latitude’s Main Stage.

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Photos: Emma Swann

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