DIY x Momentum Years & Years discuss PRS For Music Foundation’s Momentum Fund

Years & Years discuss PRS For Music Foundation’s Momentum Fund

After receiving funding in 2014, the trio open up about the huge difference that it made during their early career.

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Being in a band can be a challenge for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest struggles that young artists are increasingly facing nowadays is finance. 

In a world where bedroom producers and do-it-yourself scenes are cropping up here, there and everywhere, it’s growing more and more evident that money is not something easily obtained in the current climate of the music industry. That’s where PRS for Music Foundation and Arts Council England’s Momentum Fund hopes to step in. 

Set up to support artists at a crucial tipping point in their career, the Momentum Fund - which is also contributed to by Spotify - gives acts the opportunity to apply for a grant of £5K to £15K in order to take the next integral steps of their careers. 

Across the next week, DIY will be bringing you an insight into the work that the Momentum Fund has been doing so far, with the latest list of acts who have been funded due to be announced later this week.

First up, Momentum Fund alumni Years & Years sit down to discuss the impact that the funding they received back in 2014 had on their band. Having been granted money to help pay for their first ever headline tour, as well as cover studio and video costs, the trio look back on just how much it helped them go on to achieve their massive success since. 

Watch the band’s case study video below.

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DIY and PRS for Music Foundation will be bringing you information, advice and interviews with the artists funded through the Momentum Fund over the next week. Stay tuned for more, or head to their official website to find out how to apply.

Check out Spotify’s Momentum Music Fund playlist below.

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