Heads up! Warpaint are up to something!

Warpaint are up to something!

Could this be the first nod towards their surely imminent third album? Only time will tell…

Heads up - it looks like that pesky lot Warpaint are up to something!

They tweeted a fairly vague-looking video today, which shows the band lazing around on a mystery roof top. The words ‘Heads Up’ are written across said roof, and the camera slowly pans in. A snippet of jaunty new music - a complete departure from their last self-titled album, if it is indeed a preview of things to come from the band - plays. And, well, that’s about it.

We whipped out our phones at DIY HQ and gave said snippet of new music a cheeky Shazam. The app tells us that it’s called ‘New Song’ by Warpaint. Which is either an actual song title, or a very witty and literal little trick to catch us out. Either way, it’s new music.

We’re not really sure what it all means yet, but ‘Heads Up’ is clearly a phrase Warpaint are very fond of - for whatever reason. Last month the band announced their tour with another short snippet of previously unheard music, along with that very same pair of words.

So, what the hell is going on? It could be the first teasing nods towards a new album; at the beginning of the year, the band revealed that they’ve begun recordingWarpaint are also doing a world tour later this year, which would certainly suggest there’s something big on the way.

Whatever Warpaint have got up their sleeves, it’s sure to be dead exciting. Check out their mysterious new teaser video below.

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