Reading 2016 Milk Teeth talk Reading 2016, hangovers and new material

Milk Teeth talk Reading 2016, hangovers and new material

The grungy bunch’s next album is off to a flying start, they tell DIY.

“I did not prepare for the heat,” whimpers Milk Teeth guitarist Chris Webb under Reading 2016’s pounding Friday sun, “the hangover is real.” The band warmed up for their first appearance at the hallowed festival with an equally sweltering show in support of Thrice last night, and Chris’ afterparty antics are getting the better of him. After being tricked into almost stealing a bouquet of shitty flowers from a petrol station on the way back (best not to ask), he’s on best behaviour this morning.

Today they’re just here to hang out, Die Antwoord and Citizen top of the ‘to see’ list after Fetty Wap’s cancellation, a fact that’s left Chris “pretty pissed. That was the highlight for me, and now it’s over.”

“It’s the first time we’re not camping - we camped [2000] Trees, we camped at Download,” explains Becky before Chris interjects - “Fuck ever camping again, Download was the worst! It was raining, people’s tents got washed away…”

“I gave in,” Becky admits, “I was just smearing it on my face…” “I’m never sleeping in a tent again,” says Chris, that hangover grump rearing its head.

Looking ahead to their set tomorrow afternoon on The Pit, their excitement is almost eclipsed by the fact that there’s a secret set right before theirs. Chris heard it was Metallica. It’s not. “I dunno how I’d feel about going on after Metallica,” he shrugs, “a crowd of angry metalheads…” “They’d all fuck off!” Becky laughs.

“We’ve only been just to come hang, never to play,” she continues. “We’re so excited.”

“We got asked to do it, and I was thinking it’d be on a really small stage or something,” says Chris, “but we’ve got a really good slot on The Pit stage. Everything just got a good feeling about it.”

There’s also a good feeling about the future, and album two might not be too long a wait either. “We’ve got about 14 songs, and I really like them,” Chris laughs, Becky sharing his excitement. “We’ve been itching to get onto the next thing. So yeah - we’re back in the studio soonish. We can’t wait.”

“I want it to come out as soon as it can,” says Chris. “We’ve already got producers in mind. I want it out now, but it probably won’t be for like a year!”

“One of the songs I wrote when I was twenty-four; I’m gonna be twenty-six next year,” Becky laughs. “It’s been coming for a while.”

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