Update: Kings of Leon admit the band got a little bit too business-like

Kings of Leon admit the band got a little bit too business-like

Apparently things are back to normal for their new album ‘Walls,’ though, so that’s good.

Kings of Leon have admitted that in the past, life in the band got a little too business-like. During the height of their success, they apparently spent a lot of time with their steely boardroom faces on, seeing each other as “business partners” rather than bandmates.

Speaking to NME, singer Caleb Followill admitted “there were a lot of moments when we weren’t talking. It was ‘Man, we’ve become business partners.We haven’t maintained our friendship and our brotherhood, everything that we are.”

“After a while, it’s not ‘I’m going to do an interview with my brother’, it’s ‘I’m going to do an interview with the drummer,’” Caleb added. 

Still, Kings of Leon have apparently loosened up a bit in time for their new seventh record ‘Walls’, after staying in their comfort zone to repair on ‘Mechanical Bull’. “We were definitely going for it and trying really hard, but we got into a comfort zone,” Caleb conceded. “We’ve tried to peel that away on this album, by not using the same producer and doing it in our studio. We were really challenging ourselves, doing things where we were scratching our heads going ‘Holy shit, is this right? Is this wrong?’”

Kings of Leon’s new album ‘Walls’ is set for release later this year.

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