Jäger Curtain Call Menace Beach and Bellevue Days bring the noise for Jäger Curtain Call

Menace Beach and Bellevue Days bring the noise for Jäger Curtain Call

The two bands brought frenetic scuzziness to Curtain Road’s Queen of Hoxton.

Earlier this year, Jäger Curtain Call took over Shoreditch’s Curtain Road and transformed it into a hub of opportunity for new bands. Our new endeavour with Jägermeister saw three artists - all of whom had reached that crucial tipping point in their career - invited to head into the studio, record a new track and play a show, all on the same stretch of road. Now that autumn is officially upon us, Jäger Curtain Call is back and on Curtain Road once again.

The first band to take to the stage tonight are Bellevue Days and, from the off, there’s a brilliance about the Croydon quartet. A set packed with anthemic songs, telling tales of hazy drunken nights and youthful pessimism, they’re a band who really come to life in the live environment. ‘Manic March’ - the track they recorded last month just down the road at Strongroom Studios - sits pretty in amongst their older offerings, all jittering and frenetic. Littered with raw voices and spine-tingly shouts, it tops off a great set that proves the best is yet to come from this lot. 

This evening marks a welcome return for Menace Beach. Having spent the past few months burrowed away working on their second album, the Leeds quintet’s set tonight is a scuzzy breath of fresh air. While they may not have played so many shows recently, you wouldn’t know: their gorgeous rhythms are roughed up around the edges perfectly, with favourites like ‘Tennis Court’ and ‘Tastes Like Medicine’ feeling re-energised on stage.

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Tonight’s also the perfect opportunity to air a few slices of new material. With the news of their new record ‘Lemon Memory’ now out in the open, the five-piece waste little time in providing a glimpse at its inner workings. Still possessing the grungy heart of what they did so well on ‘Ratworld’, the new tracks aired – including album opener ‘Give Blood’ - see the band experimenting more with the idea of simplicity and space. Nestling in brilliantly amongst the chaos-driven offerings from their debut, tonight marks a new chapter for the band, and it’s looking to be a truly promising one.

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