Have You Heard? Wildhart - Shake Off

Wildhart - Shake Off

Swedish trio’s tale of defiance is set to the tune of deep, exploratory pop.

On their richly inventive new single, Gothenburg trio Wildhart break free. ‘Shake Off’ is about existing in a patriarchal world and creating your own destiny. Or, in vocalist Ylva Holmdahl’s words, turning hardships “into gold”.

It’s a simple message, filtered perfectly through the group’s deep, exploratory pop. Warpaint-like howls merge with moody production (like if Massive Attack took on Scandipop), and what begins in a loose, open-ended state ends up as a full-bodied beast. It’s easy to get swept up in ‘Shake Off’’s bright sense of escape, but threading it together is a sense of resistance, defiance and positivity that Wildhart truly embrace.

Wildhart’s debut album ‘Shine’ is out 11th November via Gaphals

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