Update: Alex G explains his role on Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’

Alex G, Primavera 2016 by Emma Swann
Photo: Emma Swann

He played guitar on ‘White Ferrari’ and ‘Self Control’, apparently.

Indie heartthrob Alex G has opened up on his recent collaborations with Frank Ocean.

Initially cropping up in the credits for Frank’s ‘Endless’ album, Alex explains in a new interview with Run For Cover Records that he’s also on ‘Blonde’. He states that he played guitar on both ‘White Ferrari’ and ‘Self Control’, despite not being listed in that second surprise album’s credits

Apparently the whole shebang came about while Alex was on tour in London, where he received an email from Frank Ocean’s manager asking if he fancied recording with the ‘channel ORANGE’ star. Well, duh. Sessions occurred in both London and LA.

As Alex divulges, ”For ‘Self Control’, [Frank] wrote the chords and he was like, ‘Can you just play these in a different way?’ He, like, wanted me to play them more…soulfully or something? I forget. But then I did that and I did, like, little riffs on top of it. And then there’s an ending part that’s not me in ‘Self Control’. I just did the beginning chords.” So that’s that. Watch the full interview below.

Here’s why Frank Ocean’s ‘Endless’ shouldn’t be discarded.

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