Have You Heard? Dream Wife - FUU

Dream Wife - FUU

As direct a statement as they come, to be honest.

It takes just 23 seconds for Dream Wife’s Rakel Mjöll to get to the (literal) point of ‘FUU’. “I’m gonna fuck you up, I’m gonna cut you up, gonna fuck you up,” she announces once the dual guitars of her bandmates have stopped clattering away. Oh. Right then. That’s as direct a statement as they come, to be honest.

Dream Wife are no strangers to immediacy. No fucks given, no shit taken, they’re a trio who relish straight-to-the-bone sentiment. ’FUU’ only goes on to prove that point a thousand times over, as those saw-blade guitars give way to a near-glitching thrash of noise. Few bands could make such a prison-baiting threat sound like a mantra to scream from the rooftops, but then there’s not many bands quite like Dream Wife.

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