Listen: Hinds share cover of Los Nastys‘Holograma’

Hinds share cover of Los Nasty’s ‘Holograma’

They’ve taken on their best pals’ raucous song for an all-Spanish cover.

Do Hinds ever sleep?! Since releasing debut ‘Leave Me Alone’ at the beginning of this year, they’ve basically been glued to the stage/tour van, and their feet have barely touched the ground amid a seemingly never-ending world tour. With that in mind, it’s pretty remarkable that they’ve found time to record new song ’Holograma’. 

‘Holograma’ is sung entirely in Spanish for a start (a first for the Madrid band) and is a cover of Hinds’ best pals Los Nastys’ song. “Covering this song was the beginning of this band,” say Hinds, writing about the reworking. “Covering songs from bands you love used to be a great tradition that people don’t do that much anymore. But the real thing is that we think Los Nastys are the best band in the world. Since ever and forever.and that all we have to say about this.”

You heard ‘em. Listen to ‘Holograma’ below, and scroll down for the band’s upcoming UK tour dates. RevisitDIY’s cover feature with Hinds here.

26 Manchester Academy
27 Glasgow Saint Luke’s
29 Dublin Academy

01 Bristol Trinity
02 London The Forum

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